Instant Social Branding Graphics

OVERALL VERDICT: Good coverage of niches, so there is something for both online and offline marketers, and it’s easy to switch out the graphic images so that you can change the header from one niche to another. All the text is fully editable to headlines and taglines are easily changed to reflect the required niche. It’s supplied in several formats so that you can edit the headers with many different programs. It’s priced very low, so it’s probably even cheaper than going to Fiverr … Continue reading →

VidElation Charismatic Characters

The day I became … a carpet cleaner … It started as a quite day at the office … Vicky was busy with some legal documents … Then she got a phone call … with some DREADFUL news … After she calmed down, she realised there was only one solution … Call DAVID at Digi Carpet Cleaners … he could swoop in and save the day! WATCH THIS VIDEO TO FIND OUT THE FULL STORY …   I created the above video using the characters Continue reading →

A Hidden Diamond – Premium Video Elements

  OVERALL VERDICT: A very well constructed package. I really liked how the use of a consistent colour scheme meant that you can mix and match slides from various templates together. Having all the actual images used on the templates supplied as individual images gives great flexibility to extend you use of the package. Plus, the added bonuses are very valuable in their own right and strongly enhance the package. Negatives: None that I can think of. Worth investing in?: ABSOLUTELY. This is a great Continue reading →

Photoshop And Powerpoint Graphics

  OVERALL VERDICT: An incredible amount of graphics for such a low price. Well organised. The Powerpoint version of the graphics adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to what was already a great package, but you can also edit them in Photoshop. Actually, you can use Photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr, Photoshop, Open Office, and several other editing tools with this package, so almost everyone will have a way to edit it. Negatives: Powerpoint doesn’t warn you about missing fonts, so some of the graphics might not Continue reading →

Viddyoze – Easiest Video Animation Tool Ever?

  OVERALL VERDICT:  Good for both inexperienced and advanced users to easily created advanced video animations. Negatives: Few options to customize the animations other than to replace the Viddyoze logo with you own. For example, timing  and pacing of the animation cannot be changed. Worth investing in?: Yes. Lots of ways to use the animations to liven up your videos. CLICK HERE for Viddyoze and Bonus    

Honest Reviews

There are so many review sites that only create positive reviews for products, regardless of the quality of the product, that I decided to create a site which would provide honest reviews, good or bad, of the latest product releases. Yes, there will be affiliate links for products included on the site, and I will hope to make some income from the site, but that won’t be the sole focus of the site. I’ll try to do honest unbiased reviews of products, and hopefully that Continue reading →